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Fitbit: Pedometer 2.0

A cheap, barely-functional pedometer isn’t going to do you a lot of good. Shit, McDonalds was handing them out a few years ago with some bullshit “fit meal” marketing gimmick, essentially killing all hope that pedometer can really help you lose weight. All that has changed with the invention of the $99 Fitbit. At that price, most consumers will be ...

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Share a pedometer with your dog

The Japanese love dogs. They decided that it is a good idea to put pedometers on them and estimate how fit they are (no it doesn’t count the proximity between your kids and Michael Jackson). Supposedly dogs tend to move less when they’re sick. Anyway, if your dog has been running around in your house all day, you might not ...

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New pedometer pulls out all stops

This new pedometer from Maplin Electronics is coming out at the perfect time of year for all of you who �vow� to start exercising this year. The pedometer not only acts as a pedometer, but also as a panic alarm and an FM radio. First off, the FM radio is a nice little add-on to the pedometer, so you don�t ...

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