SENZ umbrella doesn’t take any crap from the wind

senz umbrella

Damn, Disney tricked us. We all thought that Mary Poppins was using a regular umbrella when she flew around, turns out they were doing green screens and replacing this SENZ umbrella with the normal one.

Well, maybe that didn’t happen, but the SENZ umbrella solves a problem we have had since umbrellas came around: the wind turing them inside-out. Not only does it look like the professional helmets used in the Tour de France, it probably is based on the same aerodynamics concepts.

The patented asymmetrical shape gives you a perfect sight, while giving you the best rain protection an umbrella can give. No longer will you embarrass yourself for running into telephone poles, cars or brick walls with an umbrella that completely blocks your view!

–Nik Gomez

SENZ Umbrella [via TechEBlog]

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