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SENZ Umbrellas

Here in New York City, when it rains, it pours. The rain comes down, the wind howls at 50 MPH and everything seems to sit still in time as you fight the storm in an effort to get home. If you’re using a cheap store-bought umbrella, chances are it broke 10 minutes ago. The SENZ Storm Umbrella fixes that. Its ...

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SENZ umbrella doesn’t take any crap from the wind

Damn, Disney tricked us. We all thought that Mary Poppins was using a regular umbrella when she flew around, turns out they were doing green screens and replacing this SENZ umbrella with the normal one. Well, maybe that didn’t happen, but the SENZ umbrella solves a problem we have had since umbrellas came around: the wind turing them inside-out. Not ...

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