Self Deodorizing Toilet Seat: Because asses smell


Don’t be offended by our title, please. What we say is a scientific fact. Asses smell. Period. Ha, that’s three “periods” in a row. The Self Deodorizing Toilet Seat is a patent-pending 4-stage deodorizing system which is geared towards relieving you, your family, and house guests of the stench that might be lingering from the toilets last use.

The Breeza seat is set-up to easily replace your current toilet seat, with an estimated installation time of only about 15 minutes. Hopefully you can staple your anus shut that long. Or at least have a bucket handy. Available now for $129.99. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. Toilet Treater manufactures a high performance odor-destorying toilet seat that can handel the worst stinkers…Can be bought for $59.99 made in USA

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