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Dog Pencil Sharpeners Remind Me of My Weekends

Remember when you were young? Days filled with school, pencils and dog anuses? Ahh, the good old days. I remember it like it were yesterday. Wait a second, that’s because it was yesterday! Thanks to these Dog Pencil Sharpeners. With the help of a mighty pet rectum, our pencils are never dull. The funny this is, we don’t even use ...

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Self Deodorizing Toilet Seat: Because asses smell

Don’t be offended by our title, please. What we say is a scientific fact. Asses smell. Period. Ha, that’s three “periods” in a row. The Self Deodorizing Toilet Seat is a patent-pending 4-stage deodorizing system which is geared towards relieving you, your family, and house guests of the stench that might be lingering from the toilets last use. The Breeza ...

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Laugh of the Day: Ring the doorbell, Asshole

OK, this image is strange and slightly on the immature side. But everyone needs to hear a good ass-related joke every once in a while. Make sure to note the whole image. Not only is that a doorbell lodged into a deer’s anus, but its a doorbell lodged into a deer’s anus for a proctologist (study of the asshole) office. ...

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