Samsung T9 Bluetooth 8GB mobile, a movie collection in your pocket

samsung t9 bluetooth mobile

Samsung wants you to have your movie collection wherever you go, and they’re not afraid to say it. The T9 model is a living, breathing, monster of movie storage madness. With a 8GB memory, the T9 can hold up to 16 movies at 500MB each or 2,000 mp3’s. Enough to make those long lonely nights a little less harsh on your fragile and soft geek mind. Movies can be directly downloaded from the Samsung Media Studio, relatively easy access to instant downloads. The impressive battery life allows for 6 hours of movie watching or 30 hours of jamming out to Rush. And you can talk on it too we suppose.

samsung t9 bluetooth mobile

Andrew Dobrow

Samsung to launch new Bluetooth MP3P ‘T9’ with 8GB memory capacity [AVING USA]

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