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Testing Sanyo’s stylus-free thumbwriting recognition: W42SA

One of the models that deserve attention in the Winter line-up of AU KDDI would be Sanyo’s W42SA. This phone supports a new kind of handwriting recognition that does not require a stylus, instead you would be using your thumb to “stroke” over the number keys. Of course you can still use the usual T9 predictive text system, but just ...

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Samsung T9 Bluetooth 8GB mobile, a movie collection in your pocket

Samsung wants you to have your movie collection wherever you go, and they’re not afraid to say it. The T9 model is a living, breathing, monster of movie storage madness. With a 8GB memory, the T9 can hold up to 16 movies at 500MB each or 2,000 mp3’s. Enough to make those long lonely nights a little less harsh on ...

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