Samsung releases single platter 60GB hard drive

mini hard drivePerpendicular magnetic recording has allowed for some major breakthroughs in hard drive capacity as of late. Next in line: Samsung’s SpinPoint N series. What makes it so important is that it is the first single platter 1.8-inch hard drive to reach the 60GB capacity. The SpinPoint N series will have 4 tiers of storage: 20/30/40/60GB. While a single platter 60GB drive will help shrink the size of some portable audio devices, it will also up the ante for high capacity portables. This means that your iPod that you thought was so great at 80GB can now be upped to 120GB (if they are able to make a double platter drive). For your ever growing music collection, we can do nothing but welcome these newer, higher capacity drives! — Nik Gomez

Samsung creates 60GB, iPod-ready HD with one platter [Electronista]

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