Samsung Cannes PDP TV brings a ray of DayLight

Samsung Korea has announced its new line of PDP TV’s, being released under the name ‘Cannes’. The TV will be available in three sizes. The 42″ ($2200), 50″ ($3500), and 63″ ($9450), will all respectively come with Ultra DayLight technology, which will adjust the contrast ratio automatically depending on the ambient lighting environment of your room. Ultra Daylight allows for superior picture in any lighting condition, with a contrast ratio ranging from 1000:1 to 15000:1.

Cannes’ TVs will also be enhanced with Natural True Color for accurate color reproduction and Real Motion Studio, which removes any blurred outlines from sudden facial movements or letters. The 63″ model, which is Full HD, will also come with a Bluetooth connection to pair up with a headset or a printer to print the on-screen picture. — Andrew Dobrow

Samsung Cannes PDP TV [Newlaunches]

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