Romi the robot, one step closer to being like the Jetsons

romi robot

Whenever you were a kid and watched the Jetsons on cartoon network, you always wanted to have a robot that did all of the housework like they did. Well now your magical dream is one step closer with Romi, the cleaning robot. This new bot was developed by ETRI in Korea and will be presented at CES, just a few days away. It is said that Romi can do the cleaning for you, which means you don�t have to live with your mom anymore who does it for you. Another cool feature is that Romi takes voice commands, so now you can sit at your computer all day yelling at Romi what to clean; man this is starting to turn into the ultimate robot for slackers. Romi also has the ability to send videos wirelessly to your PC or phone, which kind of has no purpose on a cleaning robot. The only purpose someone might use it for is to film hot girls or something, which is sick in itself; you had to get your robot to look at chicks for you? Come on, that shouldn�t be a chore for you.   If this sounds like your next best friend, head on over to CES in Las Vegas to find out all about it. — Nick Rice

ROMI, the Roeen robot [Akihabara News]

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