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Construct Your Own Wayne Manor: Blueprints of Fictional Homes

Looming over the outskirts of Gotham City, Wayne Manor sits, a massive structure of stone and brick. Within its walls sits a mere man, watching over the city streets from the protective quarters of his underground lair. But Wayne Manor never existed. Nor did the home of the Jetsons or the Flintstones. But that certainly didn’t stop Mark Bennet from ...

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Houses Of The Future Or New-Age Toilets?

Victor Vetterlein has designed a vision of what conceptual homes of the future will look like. I am easily reminded of the bizarre looking “arcologies” you could build in SimCity 2000. Dubbed “Reboot,” the futuristic living-space is supposed to be a self-sufficient and environment friendly take on everyday living. Everything about its interior is digitally controlled and designed to be ...

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Romi the robot, one step closer to being like the Jetsons

Whenever you were a kid and watched the Jetsons on cartoon network, you always wanted to have a robot that did all of the housework like they did. Well now your magical dream is one step closer with Romi, the cleaning robot. This new bot was developed by ETRI in Korea and will be presented at CES, just a few ...

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