Replace your Big Gulp with iPod Cup Holder FM transmitter

cup holder fm transmitter

With so many iPod FM transmitters out there already, it must be really hard for companies to come out with new features; Trinity managed to pull it off with the Cup Holder FM transmitter. This transmitter is different from the others in that it holds your iPod in place in your cup holder while the others are letting your iPod slide around your car, scratching up that silver finish you paid so much to have. This transmitter fits snugly in your cup holder, so youíll either have to hold your Big Gulp or throw it out. There are big function buttons next to the iPod so you wonít have to take your eyes off the road to change the song. The Cup Holder FM transmitter comes in either black or white, just so you can fulfill your fantasy of making everything you own the same color as your iPod. ¬† For $70, you can buy the Cup Holder FM transmitter and save your iPod from scratches; however, you will lose the use of your cup holder, which could be a problem on a road trip. The only question now is: deal or no deal? — Nick Rice

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