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Shadow Caddy is Relentlessly On The Ball

The Shadow Caddy is helpful in that “I’m always watching you” stalkerish sort of way. Rather than hiring some lazy and pathetic pile of human flesh to disappoint you with his sub-par caddying skills, the hands-free Shadow Caddy follows you effortlessly by tracking a transmitter which is simply snapped right onto your belt. Plus, it really wants to make sweet ...

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Speaker phone over FM radio

We’ve all seen Bluetooth headsets for cellphones, we’ve also seen in-car speaker phone, a lot of us may also own an iTrip, now imagine putting all 3 together; you’ll end up listening to your own voice over the FM radio. Princeton Japan has announced this new in-car hands-free that borrows your car’s HiFi system as speaker for speaker phone, it ...

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Replace your Big Gulp with iPod Cup Holder FM transmitter

With so many iPod FM transmitters out there already, it must be really hard for companies to come out with new features; Trinity managed to pull it off with the Cup Holder FM transmitter. This transmitter is different from the others in that it holds your iPod in place in your cup holder while the others are letting your iPod ...

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