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Crank It Up: Solar-Energy FM Radio

So this isn’t really anything extravagant, but sometimes the best gadgets are the ones that operate in a simple fashion. This AM/FM radio has a bit of a DIY look with the old-school silver button on the top and the solar panel feeding it energy. There’s also a hand crank in case you live in Seattle or Alaska. It can’t ...

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Rock Out With Your Cock Out

There’s no better place to sing than in the shower. The problem lies in bringing your stereo into the bathtub without shocking the life out of you. Electronics and water usually don’t mix, unless it’s some sort of fish robot. That’s why a shampoo shaped FM Radio is a clutch utility to have when in the shower. OK, so it’s ...

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Speaker phone over FM radio

We’ve all seen Bluetooth headsets for cellphones, we’ve also seen in-car speaker phone, a lot of us may also own an iTrip, now imagine putting all 3 together; you’ll end up listening to your own voice over the FM radio. Princeton Japan has announced this new in-car hands-free that borrows your car’s HiFi system as speaker for speaker phone, it ...

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Take Pures new Move with you wherever you go

Pures new Move is a palm-sized DAB digital and FM radio that is only 15cm x 8.5cm x 2.7cm. This baby will last a long time 40 hours before you are required to recharge it, and then once it needs recharging, you can use the built-in ChargePAK battery pack. Now that right there is a nice little invention; ...

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New pedometer pulls out all stops

This new pedometer from Maplin Electronics is coming out at the perfect time of year for all of you who vow to start exercising this year. The pedometer not only acts as a pedometer, but also as a panic alarm and an FM radio. First off, the FM radio is a nice little add-on to the pedometer, so you dont ...

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Replace your Big Gulp with iPod Cup Holder FM transmitter

With so many iPod FM transmitters out there already, it must be really hard for companies to come out with new features; Trinity managed to pull it off with the Cup Holder FM transmitter. This transmitter is different from the others in that it holds your iPod in place in your cup holder while the others are letting your iPod ...

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