Reef Fanning Sandal is a Gateway to Beer

Reef sure makes some interesting sandals. While they’re not my forte (Birkenstocks!), some of the designs work while others don’t. Those sandals Reef designed a few years back that hold booze inside? Yeah, they ended up sucking big time. These Fanning sandals have Reef set on the right path for sure.

In the bottom of the sole, you’ll find a bottle-opener that will surely come in handy when you’re cracking open brews with Nick Hogan on your speedboat. With both girls and guys models, you probably won’t have a problem slapping down $60 for a pair of these. Oh, I hear they’re pretty comfy too, so that’s always a plus. Beer first, comfort second. Remember that.

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  1. I can just imagine how many diseases will find there way into peoples bottles this summer!!!!

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