PureCart: Clean Shopping

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that your local grocer’s shopping cart is packed with germs. Between the babies shitting in the seat and those Dunkaroos smashed underneath a case of soda, there’s said to be over 1 million germs on a cart. Now a system called PureCart could give you a clean shopping cart every time.

The low-cost solution apparently works as follows:

…the PureCart System uses an FDA and EPS approved quick-drying sanitizing solution to quickly clean the entire cart. Sanitizing a cart is as easy as pushing it through the cleaning station where the solution is automatically sprayed on, and for non-wheeled items like a basket or a child seat a wand is also provided to make purifying them just as easy.

Sounds great and all but I think I’ll just stick to the bottle of Purell.

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