PSP Lite Confirmed?


Source’s say that Sony Computer Entertainment UK Managing Director, Ray Maguire, is quoted as saying that the next PSP will be more pocket friendly while still maintaining the same screen size. This quote all but confirms that Sony will release a PSP Lite version. With the pocket size of the Nintendo DS the more appealing of the two, Sony has become Nintendo’s second fiddle, earning the silver or bronze medal in almost every category. The PlayStation’s one time domination seems to be coming to a screeching halt. Though, as seen from related recent rumors, a change is definitely in order for the Sony gaming line.

Another drawback of the PSP is its relatively long loading times compared to the “start and go” quality of Nintendo games. Could the next PSP show faster processing times, along with its smaller stature? We hope so. We wish to see Sony gain some success. — Andrew Dobrow


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  1. When will the new PSP Lite be coming into stores?

  2. when will the new PSP be coming in to stores? please respond. thanks.

  3. it came out yesterday

  4. is the psp slim the same system as psp lite? or is the just a pic of a fake slim? plz tell.

  5. that new psp pocet thingy is (looks) great. its a great idea because kids that have it can just put it in there pocet when there finished playing with it, unlike the psp wich is great no afence coz ive got one but with the psp u cant normaly fit it in ur pocet.

    urs sunserly tom

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