Power Nerds: 16-port USB Hub


I talk a lot of shit on nerds needing this but I’m guilty as charged. The whole reason I’m posting this ridiculous hub of ports? Because I need one desperately. Sure, it has a selector for use with two computers but I need this for my desktop iMac G5. Why? I have about 5 devices that I use for music production, an SD card reader, an iPhone charger, two external hard drives and my Arduino. Yeah, you could say I’m a port junkie. A 16-in-1 solution won’t come cheap, though. Expect to shell out $105 for this bad boy should you decide you need it.

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  1. All very nice but no good if you don’t tell us the actual name of the product and who I can buy it off?

    A proper link that shows the manufacturer or the seller will be nice.

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