Pokeball T-Shirt

Gary Oak is never going to respect you. That’s just a fact of life in cartoon world. Typically once you’re an antagonist, you’re always an antagonist. But what’s the next best thing? Having him envy you. Throw on your Pokeball shirt and Gary will be begging you to tell you where you got it. No matter how smart his father is, he won’t be of much help. You know the professor has no fashion sense.

The Pokeball tee is currently up for vote over at Design By Humans. If you want to see this design hit the presses, head over and voice your vote. Prices there typically range from $19-$24 per shirt. Wearing this tee, you won’t even have to ask in order to see some Abra skin.

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  1. i so want one or 2

  2. HOW CAN I BUY ONE!!!!!!!!!

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