Playstation Vita Release Date ‘Revealed’, Preorders Available

Aww, so you thought that the Playstation Vita really would be released in 2011, since that’s what Sony promised? Well, think again. Best Buy and Amazon are now accepting preorders for the Vita, which reveals the possible US shipping date to be March 30th, 2012.

However, if you live in Japan, you will be able to order your Vita in 2011. Japanese Vitas will start shipping on December 31st, 2011.

The speculation surrounding the March 30th release date is because Best Buy Canada has their shipping dates at March 30th. Since Sony had already confirmed that US customers wouldn’t be able to purchase a Vita until 2012, this release date sounds about right.

I suppose if you’re really motivated (and don’t mind region encoding) you could always order a Japanese Playstation Vita three months in advance.

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