Photos from 2012


I’m not sure how one would develop photos after the world was destroyed, but apparently someone figured it out.

Steve McGhee created these photo-realistic Photoshop creations, depicting the possible realities of the dreaded 2012 apocalypse. You know, the one that homeless dude on the corner is always ranting and raving about. I love how that first photo features people gingerly walking the streets like nothing is happening. You’d think there’d be some sort of panic. But I guess it’s just another day in the city for New Yorkers.




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  1. I like how the pedestrians are all calmly going about their daily routine like an airbus isn’t about to fall on their heads

  2. Billy Joe Bob McGee

    How are any of these possible realities? You’re afraid of nothing.

  3. Cool, a flying giraffe in Paris

  4. Looks like the giraffe is surfing a wave of a lifetime.

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