Parking Meter Alarm: relieve yourself from parking tickets

parking meter alarm

There are 2 situations you never want to be in with a parking meter: first, when you get to one only to realize you have no quarters, and second, when you come back to your car, arms loaded with bags, only to find you got a parking ticket for being 5 minutes late. Whatís great about the Parking Meter Alarm is that it solves both of those problems, or rather offers solutions for those who arenít the sharpest tool in the shed. Restoration Hardware saved city slickers potentially hundreds of dollars with this neat little device. All you have to do with the alarm is set how long your meter lasts, and the alarm will go off a few minutes before the meter expires, a life-saver for those who go shopping crazy and donít even have time to look at their watches. If you leave if it on your key ring then you solve the other problem (no quarters) because there is a spring-loaded coin holder inside the alarm with enough room for 10 quarters, which equates to plenty of time for lounging in massage chairs in the Sharper Image. If you live in the city, this $12 wonder is almost a must considering 12 bucks is way better than just 1 parking ticket. — Nick Rice

Parking Meter Alarm [via Shiny Shiny]

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