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Pumpin’: CO2 Emission Tracker For Your Bike

So, it’s “Bike To Work” day in Japan on June 11th. I was under the impression that most workers in Japan already biked to work due to an insane population on such a tiny island. I guess not, because surely enough, it’s going on while I type this. The crew over at Treehugger.com have brought to my attention Bridgestone’s new ...

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Power Consciousness: Giving Consumption A Human Edge

Talking about consumption and conservation is great and all, but how many people actually know how much energy they use? We have those meters connected to our homes, but no one but people who work for the power company knows how to read them. Power Consciousness is a device made to explain how much energy we use, without having to ...

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Parking Meter Alarm: relieve yourself from parking tickets

There are 2 situations you never want to be in with a parking meter: first, when you get to one only to realize you have no quarters, and second, when you come back to your car, arms loaded with bags, only to find you got a parking ticket for being 5 minutes late. What�s great about the Parking Meter Alarm ...

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