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Sideways Parking Robot Car To Debut In 2011

There sure is a lot of car-related news today. Anyways, despite the automotive glut this story was too cool to pass up. Nissan’s futuristic Pivo 2, a “robot assisted” car that lets you drive backwards and even sideways will hit the road in Portugal in 2011. Sideways driving ability and robotic car controls aren’t the only futuristic feature on the ...

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San Francisco To Get Smart Parking Spaces

Not everyone wants to solve their parking problems by sacrificing their dignity and squeezing into one of those tiny urban cruiser cars. Luckily for San Francisco residents, the city is stepping in to try and help them avoid the parking crunch. As part of a $95.5 million program called SFPark, 6,000 of San Francisco’s 24,000 metered parking spaces are being ...

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Parking Meter Alarm: relieve yourself from parking tickets

There are 2 situations you never want to be in with a parking meter: first, when you get to one only to realize you have no quarters, and second, when you come back to your car, arms loaded with bags, only to find you got a parking ticket for being 5 minutes late. What�s great about the Parking Meter Alarm ...

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