Panamatic Mount Runs Full Circle For Panoramic Perfection


Unless you’ve got enough dough to shell out on equipment you might only use a few times, you’re probably not willing to save up for a high-priced solution for panorama photography. For the amount of money it costs to really get the panoramic view down pat, you’re probably better off taking 360 degree photos manually and duct taping them together.

The Panamatic Mount straps right onto your tripod, ensuring it’s orientation with a leveling bubble. Once the Panamatic is mounted in position, your camera hooks onto the device as if it were the normal tripod with the Panamatic offering a ratcheted wheel which spins around its axis. Snapping a panoramic shot is as easy as revolving your camera along the 12 different position settings, snapping a picture for each position. You can get your own for $25.

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