Pack It Up, Pack It In, Let Me Begin


France has always been at the forefront of radical design. Designer François Azambourg takes design to the next level with his unique Pack Chair. At first, it resembles something like a blanket that’s shrink wrapped in plastic. But as we all know, looks can be deceiving. Here’s how it works:

..Designed with the intention of selling it via mail order, the chair is fabricated with an internal airtight polyester cloth pouch and a double lining that contains a two-part liquid polyurethane foam. activating a switch on the side of the flat chair, the user can start the release of the material, causing it to combust and fill the inside. the ‘pack chair’ will get its ultimate shape when the double-walled textile fibers harden on the contact with the emulsion of these two chemical products. perhaps you’ve seen a demonstration of polyurethane ingredients being mixed together, causing a very rapid and almost violent foaming reaction…within a few seconds the form is rigid.

Azambourg already has a working prototype installed at the Design Centre of the UQAM in Montreal, Canada. Perhaps we’ll see his Pack Chair at the local Walmart sometime in 2010?


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