Pac-Man Pillows for Accenting Your Den of Gaming


If you have a pulse, you’ve played Pac-Man at some point in your life and most likely enjoyed the experience. Indeed, you might not be a compulsive Pac-Man competitor, but if there is one title which represents the world of gaming, right up there with Pong and Super Mario Bros., it’s gotta be Pac-Man. Along with his four edible friends; Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde, of course. All for $60 a set.

The women in your life will respect the fact that you’ve taken a sudden interest in interior design. Hell, the ladies might even find Pac-Man, dare we say, cute? But deep down inside, you’ll know that the cuteness is just a coy cover-up for your gaming obsession. And isn’t that what really matters?



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  1. I want to order these…how?

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