Namco Bandai to Show Pac-Man Love With New 30th Anniversary Edition; Plus Bonus T-Shirt Fun


We can hardly believe it ourselves. It’ll be thirty years since Pac-Man has been released, come 2010. And Namco Bandai isn’t going to let an anniversary like that come and go unheeded. Not when there’s profit to be had! The gaming company is currently in the development phase of a new Pac-Man game to celebrate the game’s tri-decade birthday.

Rumor has it that the new game will be more akin to the “character action” genre, which doesn’t sound very “chasing ghosts through mazes”-alicious to us. Is there a completely new Pac-World ahead of us? Oh! And as promised, check out this killer Pac-Man T-shirt design. When you just can’t cut it alone, who you gonna call? That’s right. Ghostbusters, muthatrucka. Even more Pac-Man goodness after the jump-eroni.


T-shirt: Link

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