Mastering the Art of Online Roulette Games

What are Online Roulette Games?

While online slots might take the cake in popularity, roulette games anchor the table games from high-profile land-based casinos to smaller venues. Online roulette games add a sense of elegance and flexible playing options for beginners or those who enjoy high stakes. Since its debut in France in the 1700s, the timeless allure of spinning the wheel and where the white ball lands have now evolved into the iGaming platform.

But instead of hoping the white ball lands on your number or color, execute the right strategy to win it all. Let’s discover together the winning art of online Roulette.

Evolution of Roulette Games

Unlike other table games, and especially unlike slots that continue to evolve and technology improves, Roulette has remained mostly true to its origins. Even with cutting-edge live dealer play, the setup and the graphics strongly resemble the traditional roulette table and wheel setup. But Roulette’s consistency and reliability continue to get online players to bet to spin the wheel.

Understanding the Basics

Types of Online Roulette Games

American Roulette

It is the most common roulette game at land-based and online casinos. It is also the only roulette game that features the double zero. While having 38 numbers to bet might seem initially attractive, it slightly tilts the odds in the house’s favor due to the additional pocket number.

European Roulette

European Roulette, like its French counterpart, only has a single zero. Thus, players have 37 total numbers to let the white ball ride. Roulette players will still have the familiar eighteen black and eighteen red number alignment, with the single zero in green.

French Roulette

It is the oldest roulette game and also the one with the most strategies. French Roulette plays identically to the European version, but all the wording and layout are in French.

Live Dealer Roulette

For those who want an authentic table game experience, American Roulette and variants like Lightning Roulette are widely available at online casinos for real money. Auto Wheel and Zero Roulette are other popular variants available in the live dealer section.

Roulette Odds & RTP

Roulette games, including the variants, share the same universal return to player (RTP). However, the odds vary for each game. For example, because American Roulette has the extra zero, the odds become 5.26% that the player will win, which translates to a 94.74% RTP. For every $100 a player wagers, they would get back $94.74 playing American Roulette. French Roulette Gold takes the cake with 98.65%.

Enhancing Your Roulette Skills

Stick to a Budget

While online Roulette isn’t overly expensive to play compared to online slots, not having a set budget might have you leaving the wheel sooner than you think. Sticking to a budget also means sticking to a strategy to have the odds fall in your corner.

Choose the Right Roulette Game

While Roulette doesn’t offer many variants, it’s main games continue to endure and are stepping stones especially for beginners. While American Roulette is widely available, the complexity of the extra zero doesn’t produce favorable odds. Most online casinos have European Roulette, which increases the RTP to 97.30%.

Don’t Pass Up the Bonuses

It’s customary for online casinos to have lucrative welcome bonuses for new members. Most often, the matching deposit bonus applies to Roulette. However, established members can turn to weekly cashback or reload bonuses to help them stay at the virtual roulette table.

The Importance of Column Bets

Besides betting on the number, or red or black, Roulette offers column bets, which are also known as outside bets. The opposite of column bets are dozens, otherwise known as inside bets. The goal is to bet that two-thirds of the wheel will hit.

Advanced Tips and Strategies

Hit the Practice Table

Some online casinos might offer a demo version of their roulette games, unlike the live dealer. Please don’t hesitate to try out some timeless roulette strategies to see what works without financial risk.

Settle on a Strategy

Roulette has a well of strategies that date back centuries. The most common are the Paroli and Martingale strategies. There is also the Reverse of Paroli and Martingale’s strategies. For simplicity’s sake, new members are advised to stick to either Paroli or Martingale.


Q: What is the best strategy for playing online roulette?

While online Roulette offers dozens of strategies, including the James Bond approach, roulette beginners usually stick to the Paroli and Martingale strategies.

Q: Are online roulette games rigged?

No. Licensed online casinos use a random number generator to ensure fair and transparent results.

Q: Can I play online roulette for free?

That depends on the particular casino. Some offer practice versions, while others might have online glossaries to help you study.


Beginners rely on luck, but roulette masters always perfect their skills. Playing practice play and studying roulette masters helps in various ways. Sticking to a budget, understanding how roulette odds work, and using responsible gaming measures are also stepping stones to victory.

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