How to Play Online Slots on Your Mobile

Since our entire lives are lived through smartphones now (when was the last time you set an alarm on an actual clock?), it was only a matter of time before our favorite hobbies became a part of the ‘mobile lifestyle.’

It goes without saying that the best thing about mobile-friendly sites and apps is that they’re, well, mobile. Being stuck in traffic and waiting for a bus or a friend doesn’t have to be much of a chore anymore. And that’s all thanks to the plethora of entertainment we have at our fingertips.

So, what could be better than not just having interactive games to play but also being in with the chance of winning cash as you have fun? You could essentially be paid to enjoy your favorite slots! We’ve broken down some instructions on how to reap the benefits of mobile slot-playing so that you can save time searching and get playing.

What Sort of Mobile Phone do I Need?

Almost all smartphones and tablets are linked to an app store, for example:

  • iOS Devices (e.g., iPhones/iPads)– The App Store
  • Android Devices (e.g., Samsung/Google Pixels)– Google Play Store

With reliable internet via your network provider or Wi-Fi, you can usually access the relevant app store straight from your mobile. From there, you can visit the “Apps” section of the store, select the magnifying glass icon at the top of either home page, and search for “Slots” or your chosen online casino.

Which Slot Games Should I go For?

Just as everyone has preferences in what mobile device they use, what makes one slot game a player’s go-to, may not be another’s favorite. Every slot app will come with a different range of games and unique advantages, so we suggest having a good scroll to see what each online casino has to offer. There are hundreds of options, even specific to your location, so you definitely won’t be stuck for choice.

One great option is Bovada Casino. The operator boasts a dedicated mobile app perfect for bettors on the go. You can access a vast range of slots when you play through a mobile app, including 10 Times Vegas, A Night with Cleo, 777 Deluxe, and Aztec’s Treasure. Operators like Bovada even let you deposit using Bitcoin, the benefits of which are mentioned here.

How Much do Slot Games Cost?

Most apps are free to install – so you needn’t feel guilty about trying a few different ones out! However, if you’re cautious about placing bets once you’ve downloaded an app or two, keep your wallet in your pocket and opt for the free-to-play slots.

With free-to-play games, you’re given a chance to play without spending your bankroll. Free games allow you to practice and experience the fun of slots without the added stress of real money gambling. Of course, if you choose to play with real cash, some sites/apps offer big cash prizes, too.

Can You Win Real Cash Playing Online Slot Games?

Yes! If you deposit funds into your mobile casino account, you can absolutely win real money playing slot games. With progressive jackpot slots, in particular, jackpots are known to rise to six or even seven-figure prizes. In fact, at the time of writing, Absolutely MadMegal Moolah boasts an incredible $23.6 million jackpot prize. It’s rare that slot games result in such huge cash wins, but it does happen!

One unique feature of gambling online is that you can participate in slot tournaments. Also known as ‘slot races,’ they are an extension of your regular gameplay and award participating bettors who score the biggest single slot spins throughout the duration of the tournament.

How do I Use Apps?

All slots apps work differently; however, most kick off with tutorials. Once you’ve successfully downloaded your casino app of choice, the app begins with a demonstration, showing you how the platform works. You can navigate through the app by simply tapping and swiping your finger through the games and bonuses. Most slot apps should be as easy to use as their desktop counterparts.

What if my Favorite Slot Game Doesn’t Have an App?

If you’re used to playing slots on your desktop, the site you visit will likely have a mobile-friendly version designed to work the same way across all devices. Built on HTML5 technology, these responsive mobile browser sites are optimized for the screens of smartphones and tablets. Therefore, this means that the layout remains the same and is as usable on your mobile as it is on your computer.

Is it Safe to Play Slots on my Mobile?

In short – yes. Your chosen mobile app will include the same security standards and licensing as the desktop site, meaning you can spin the reels with confidence. You’ll typically be able to find this information, along with other safety policies, in the T&Cs.

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