Old People Still Being Sold Converter Boxes With New Digital TVs

Digital TV Transition

Apparently, some people are still getting scammed into buying converter boxes, even as they are buying brand new digitally-correct LCD TVs. Sure, it’s fun to take advantage of old people every once in a while, but usually only when they are your Grandma and there’s a $20 bill on the line. Here’s testimonial from one such customer’s son-in-law:

They were buying a TV for a new RV and bought a DTV converter box. I told them after they got it that they shouldn’t need a converter because the TV (an LCD) was new. I unhooked the converter box and the TV found the new digital stations fine. They are in a poor reception area where they only get a couple of channels, but the digital ones were very clear.

They still don’t quite believe they don’t need the converter. I wonder how many people were over-sold the converter boxes. I did a fair amount of searching and couldn’t really find much (although there was a glut of general information) about what happens when a converter box is hooked to a new TV. I’m guessing it won’t work too great, but I’d like to see a more in depth analysis.

Either these salesmen are really uninformed or they are simply scamming old people into buying shit they don’t need, in hopes of a higher commission. Either way, get with the fucking program.


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  1. Theres no commission at bestbuy

  2. @Johnny Image is unrelated

  3. I just bought a converter box for my older tv that worked fine with the antenna that I had. I used to get at least 7 channels before the switch. I got the box with the coupon. No one really told me anything about needing a new antenna. No one mentioned that in the numerous advertisements for the switch.

    Imagine my frustration after numerous attempts to scan and get the Tv to work. Of course it didn’t . I finally called the customer service on the box. I am going to need a new antenna which will be another 40.00. You would think that the sales people would be informative and ask people if they also have an older antenna and that the boxes are useless without the new antenna.

    Just more senseless waste and everyone basically should just throw all their old stuff away and fill the landfills with all the junk that doesn’t work any more due to some new technology that is also useless and annoying. What happened to” if it isn’t broke don’t fix it. “what was wrong with the tv signal before. Thanks for nothing and for making people spend money on those stupid converter boxes.

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