Notebook T-Shirt: P.S. Wear Deodorant

I much prefer college ruled to the standard wide ruled notebook paper. I don’t know if its the fact that the term “college” makes me feel more studious or just something simple, like the ability to fill the page with more lines of my amazing writings. I guess I can’t offer much of an opinion, if only for the fact that to this day I have still never written on human ruled paper.

The Notebook T-Shirt and Tank Top is the sure fire way to cheat right in front of your teacher’s faces without them being able to do much. Take my shirt off?? What do you mean take my shirt off? Security! Rape! Sexual harassment! I swear sir, the fact that the answers to the quiz are on my shirt is just coincidence. Maybe you should make less predictable tests. I would never do such a thing. Now where’s my Coke? OK, OK… wet notebook contest!

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  1. Where can you buy these??

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