Newspaper Delivering Drone: The Paperboy Without a Soul


Paperboy was one of my favorite Nintendo games when I was a young’n. One of the shittiest summer jobs of all-time would never again seem as appealing as it did at that moment. Countless gamers were disappointed to discover that delivering papers was not the tale of glamour and adventure that Nintendo would have us believe.

In the world of tomorrow, it’s completely possible that newspapers, if they still exist, could be delivered by remotely-controlled drones. Each drone would have to charge for 60-90 minutes for only a 20 minute charge.

So sure, the drones aren’t nearly as efficient as ole’ flesh-and-bones over there, shivering in the corner with their “feelings” and “bodily functions.” But it flies, flies fast and looks beautiful, which is more then I can say about my paper man.


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