New red Aliph Jawbone redefines the Bluetooth headset style

aliph jawbone bluetooth headset

The Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth headset was created to revolutionize how headsets worked and the quality with which they delivered you your conversations. It works with multiple tiny microphones to provide a superb noise-canceling headset that improves call quality. It is able to detect the difference between your voice and every other ambient sound that shouldn’t be put through to the person you are talking to so that they only hear you. This removes the need to repeat yourself over and over.

The Jawbone not only uses revolutionary technology to work perfectly, it also looks great. It sets itself apart from the other clunky headsets by having its design defined by its name. This device doesn’t protrude away from your head, instead it curves slightly to the contours of your face. It is very small and short, and is now available in red. The Jawbone goes for about $120. To be the highest tech guy in your office, isn’t it worth it?

aliph jawbone bluetooth headset

aliph jawbone bluetooth headset

Nik Gomez

Aliph Jawbone [via SlashGear]

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