New Nvidia cards integrate DirectX 10 for under $200

nvidia geforce 8600

The phrase “budget gaming” has become less of an oxymoron as of late, but it is still a stretch. It all really just depends on your definition of budget. With Vista at your local BestBuy, what is there for a PC builder to do but grab the latest hardware and make the next screamer? That’s when money becomes a problem. Don’t stress too much, although you splurged on that lightning fast 10,000RPM hard drive, you still can get a DirectX 10 card for under $200. You just have to wait until March. The new Nvidia GeForce 8600GT and 8600 Ultra cost $150 and $180 respectively. They both deliver on the promise of cheap DX10 when compared to the $400 8800 cards. Patience is a virtue! –Nik Gomez

DirectX 10 on a budget [via SlashGear]

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