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A Rugged Dell Laptop John Connor Would Use

If Terminators and Skynet take over Earth, at least you’ll have a laptop that will stand up to them. The Dell E6400 XFR is the latest “toughbook” to hit the market and boy is it ugly. That’s OK, though, because you’re buying this for usability, not design and portability. Inside this ugly beast, you’ll find a decent set of specs ...

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NVIDIA GeForce 9800GTX Leaked! Extreme Graphics For The Extreme Gamer

Aye, papi! When we broke the news last November that NVIDIA was gearing up for release of their GeForce 9 series in Q1 of ’08, we were unaware that the series would include TWO new product releases. Rumor has it that NVIDIA will be dropping word of their two new 9xxx series cards soon; the top-notch GeForce 9800GX2 on 18th ...

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Nvidia officially releases 320MB GeForce 8800, puts your card to shame

As time goes on, your 128MB graphics card is looking weaker and weaker. Every report that comes out just puts salt in the wound that is the fact that you can’t play F.E.A.R. at full anti-aliasing. Sorry, ready for more salt? Nvidia has officially launched the 320MB GeForce 8800. While this is the “budget” card compared to the 640MB version ...

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New Nvidia cards integrate DirectX 10 for under $200

The phrase “budget gaming” has become less of an oxymoron as of late, but it is still a stretch. It all really just depends on your definition of budget. With Vista at your local BestBuy, what is there for a PC builder to do but grab the latest hardware and make the next screamer? That’s when money becomes a problem. ...

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