Netflix Coming to the Nintendo 3DS — Will Display 3-D Movies

Well, the 3-D feature on Nintendo’s 3DS handheld gaming system is now good for something other than headaches and trippy 3-D games — Nintendo has just announced that a Netflix application has been launched for the 3DS.

The application is completely free (though obviously you have to have a Netflix subscription), and can be downloaded by using the 3DS eShop, a feature that launched about a month ago.

Though the Netflix app does have the capability to display content in 3D, there’s no 3-D content in the application’s current catalog. However, Nintendo has confirmed that certain 3-D movies will be available “soon”.

The application itself is pretty straightforward and basic. You can use the touch-screen to navigate through movies, add to your queue and even view video descriptions (which are displayed on the top screen).

Perhaps this bit of news will help pacify customers that are raging over the recent Netflix price increase.


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  1. Wow, this is really exciting news!

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