Motorola releases MOTO ROKR E6

moto rokr e6Motorola has just released its PDA cellphone, the MOTO ROKR E6. Unfortunately, it’s only available in China, hopefully we’ll see it here sometime soon. This baby looks pretty sweet with its 2.4” 262k color touchscreen TFT display and its reasonable thickness of 14.5mm. The laser blue accented navigation outline still impresses. The E6 also has a 2 megapixel digital camera on the back of it, and it boasts an amazing 8x digital zoom (which you know not to pay attention to). Following in true ROKR fashion, it is an MP3 player and has FM integration. Luckily, it doesn’t try to integrate iTunes anywhere; we know how that went. The E6 falls short in terms of built-in memory, only 8MB, so don’t forget to grab an extra spacious SD card when you buy this. The MOTO ROKR E6 will show up in India sometime in Q2 next year.

moto rokr e6

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  1. hey, can you do a review for this phone…i liked the toshiba tx80 review

  2. All i want to say that motorola is best forever. MOTO ROKR E6 is best of all phones .

    thanks motorola

  3. This is an awesome phone….simplest and user friendly than all other moto’s….kudos…motogang!

  4. Prabu Jayakumar

    I Just bought this candy Rock Man, He is Rocking.

  5. this phone is rediculous because this phone sound sucks

  6. I bought the phone two days ago and i am fully satisfied… ITS really rocking…
    sound is really cool…… great class of the phone…. MOTOROKR ROCKS……

  7. I bought this phone a week ago I had 3230 before
    hope this this performance up to my expectation
    please let me know more about this phone

  8. hi! i’m planning to buy this phone. let me know if this phone is A-okay =)

  9. this phone sucks.Dnt buy at all.It hangs if u set a default theme

  10. I like rock style my motorokr. Always it close to me because of its lovely features.

  11. this phone really really sucks i bought it and it got hanged jus 2 days later,so nvr buy it .It is proved that whatever motorolla compny try 2 do bt they cant be as good as nokia nvr

  12. Hi…
    it is rocking ……..
    I just love it.. chilling

  13. i love this phone because i am a onwer of e6

  14. only a true lover of mobility can understood it I love it

  15. hey you know, i’m only 11 and i have one of those already, and its very cool, so awesome, but it coses a lot

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