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T-Mobile Launches Motorola ZN5 Cameraphone

Normally, we don’t post about new cellphones on Gearfuse. The one exception is when we feel a cellphone boasts above-average features that will help its user and the Motorola ZN5 is no exception. It has a built-in 5-megapixel camera that’s optimized for low light shooting conditions. Also featured is a Xenon flash, auto-focus, panorama shooting mode and a 2.4-inch LCD. ...

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Motorola Readying Android Phone

Little is known about Motorola’s Android endeavor but the public will surely welcome another Google phone. Word on the street is that Motorola is preparing a touchscreen iPhone competitor that will run the Android OS and will feature a full QWERTY keyboard. Unfortunately, the unnamed phone won’t be available until Q2 2009, so don’t hold your breath. Link

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Win Big: 12 Days of Bluetooth Technology

Everyone likes giveaways, unless of course that giveaway has to be won by submitting a picture of you posing as Alfred E. Neuman. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group is announcing the 12 hottest Bluetooth enabled products for the 2008 holiday season by launching a giveaway event on Bluetooth.com. These products were hand selected to highlight fun, gift worthy Bluetooth enabled ...

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Motorola and Nokia Forming Big Android Teams

Nokia is tight but Motorola? I haven’t seen a desirable phone from you guys since the PEBL. Ouch! In all seriousness, both phone manufacturers are building up solid Google Android teams in house to help develop phones that will run the OS. Motorola is supposedly forming a huge 350 person team to solve the lack of Android-equipped phones the company ...

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Motorola To Title Next Line Of Phones “Moto ZiNE”

Word on the streets is that Motorola has picked out a name for their next line of phones. The creative RZR and KRZR seemed to really take off, so there’s no reason why the new multimedia phones “Moto ZiNE” shouldn’t take off either. Rumor has it that the new ZiNE line will feature a Z10 sucessor featuring a massive touchscreen, ...

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