Motorola, Red team up to make MP3 bike helmet


Bluetooth is used to enhance many things. Bike riding is a new one to us. Motorola has teamed up with Red to produce a Bluetooth-enabled bicycle helmet for safe and practical music listening while you exercise. Motorola integrates their Audex system into one of Red’s head protectors to allow for a safer bike riding soundtrack. You can even use them for skateboarding or snowboarding.

The helmet can also be configured to be used with controller gloves that can change the track and control other features you might need to alter. This helmet is definitely fully loaded as you can answer calls wirelessly while you’re riding. The Motorola Audex system also insures you a surround-sound audio quality while you’re out and about. Pretty nifty! And we don’t use the word nifty for just anything. — Andrew Dobrow


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  1. hooray for putting a danger feature into a safety device!

    listening thru headphones while cycling = bad idea

    if it’s offroad, you may fuck up your mp3 player when you fall
    if it’s onroad, you’re going under a truck

  2. It’s only on one ear. Take it easy.

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