Mother-Son Family Guy Halloween Costumes


Halloween doesn’t have to be all about getting the shit scared out of you. Craftster user SonicsInk posted this awesome Mother-Son Family Guy costume, perfect for a comedy-filled Halloween.

And remember, there is always the potential for some scariness. Stewie has been trying to kill his mother for years now. Victory will be his! I love the little details, such as the Brian doll humping Lois’s leg.

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  1. This idea is amazing.I’ve been trying to figure out something for me and my son this year and this is perfect.Unfortuantly I have not seen that stewie head anywhere.Looks like it was homeade…I WANT IT!!! email me if you can help.Thanks

  2. I am so glad I found this! My SO and I are doing Family guy with our son. I love the stewie head. I will attempt to make it but I doubt it will come out as good- or that my son will keep it on haha.
    Very cute! And I love the Brian doll humping her leg!

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