Mortal Kombat 9 Is Going To Be Gruesome

Seriously, is anyone really excited for Mortal Kombat vs. DC? What a dumb idea. Regardless, Nick Deleon over at CrunchGear mentioned Kotaku’s interview of Ed Boon (he puts the “Noob” in Noob Saibot) regarding a mature return of the Mortal Kombat series. Now in its ninth installment, Ed Boon states that the newest Mortal Kombat:

“…may strive for more blood, more violence, more of everything that warrants an M-rating”

We’re hoping that “may” means “will”. By the sound of things, the next game in the series should be the one we’ve all been waiting for. And yes Nick, we all agree Mortal Kombat II was a great sequel. However, I thought I was the only one who liked Mortal Kombat 4.

Oh right, that reminds me – I still owe Nick a drink. Perhaps we can settle this in a match of Mortal Kombat II on the ultimate gaming system?

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  1. hi. i agree we need to go back to the good old days. for me the most gruesome was mk4. mk9 sounds great. more violence is awsome. for me you can never get enough of it. i hope there will be more limb-taring, bone-crunching, organ-ripping
    fun-filled mortal kombat games and skin-crawling fatalitys!!!
    please let me know when you guys have more info!!!
    THANX BYE!!!

    P.S: dont forget amazing life-like graphics!!!!

  2. I hope MK9 is so bloody and violent, it makes a new rating…The XM rating for Xtra Mature

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