How to Modify Your Roller Skates

All serious skaters know that customising your skates is where it’s at. Whether it’s to make you faster, to make tricks easier, smoother and sleeker,or to just make sure you stand out from the crowd at the skate park, with these handy hints and tips for modifying your skates, you’re sure to be the proud owner of the dream pair of roller skates by the time you’ve finished.  Here’s the top tips for modifying your roller skates:

Update your Wheels

Having the right sized wheels can have a big impact on your performance when skating so it’s important to get the perfect wheels for your style of skating. Generally, roller skate wheels tend to come in two different sizes with the larger size much better for performing more aggressive skating tricks. Wheels come in all different colors so you can style your skates to make them look as aesthetically pleasing as you like, with glitter wheels and light up varieties available all available at Proline Skates, so take a look and update yours with a trendier set today.

Try Out Different Bearings

Choosing the right bearings for your roller skates is as important as having the right skates. The size of your bearings helps to reduce friction helping your to more easily skate around corners and glide around with little effort. Whether you opt for ceramic or steel bearings also has an impact on your style. Ceramic bearings are the better choice for skaters looking for a little more speed but being more expensive than steel makes them less appealing to the majority of skaters.

Have Fun with Laces

The laces you opt for shouldn’t really have any impact on your skating style, just the way your skates look. A lot of skaters tend to match their wheel and lace color to create a look that’s unique to them at the Skate Park. There’s all different kinds of lace lengths and widths available, with patterns, glitter laces and glow in the dark laces all out there too, so you really can have fun with this part of modifying your skates.

Now you’re up to speed with all the top tips and tricks to modify your skates, you’re bound to have the freshest looking skates in town. From performance to aesthetics, you’ll only work out what works best for you when it comes to your skates by trying out different modifications and seeing which ones you prefer. What are you going to shake up first?

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