Midrix Safe-Clik-N-Grip Laptop Strap as uncomplicated as it is unpronounceable

midrix safe-clik-n-grip laptop strap

Pulling out your laptop in front of the airport security scan is something that frequent flyers are so used to, it can be a benign routine, and it can also be a disastrous nightmare. British company Midrix came out with a solution that makes it easy for everyone to pull out their laptop from the backpack (or case or murse or whatever) in a second. With the Safe-Clik-N-Grip laptop strap, not only can you wow your neighbors at the airport or in the library, you can even attract crime by carrying your strapped naked laptop around with the handle. The strap is priced between $15-20 online now. — Sam Chan

Midrix Safe-Click-N-Grip Laptop Strap [Midrix]

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