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Space Invaders Cross-stitched Guitar Strap

This guitar strap fills me with geek envy. Renee of The Domestic Scientist made this cross-stitched guitar strap for her husband themed after the Atari classic Space Invaders. She is well versed in the art of geekery and even bakes her own 20 sided die cookies. That’s pretty geeky. Next, she’ll be modding her husband’s guitar. We’re hoping she sticks ...

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Studded Camera Strap For “Hardcore” Photographers

And we use the term “hardcore” very loosely here, since many consider the corporate ‘punk’-ness of Hot Topic to be hardcore. So for those Avril and Korn fans who buy their black gear from those sorts of trendy punk-lite shops, the Studded Camera Strap seems like something right up your alley. Especially if you prefer holding your camera, rather than ...

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