Microsoft reveals QWERTY Xbox 360 Controller


With the announcement that MSN Messenger will now be integrated into the Xbox 360 dashboard, Microsoft has also announced a QWERTY controller for hassle-free text input for the chat program. The 47-keyed controller plugs into the normal controller via the headphone jack. While it might be a little clunky looking, it sure as hell beats having to lug a full keyboard around.

The Microsoft dashboard update, which will take place on May 7, will allow up to six chat windows to be open in addition to the normal events. The only thing released about this controller yet is the photos so no pricing, availability, or even product name info is available yet.


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  1. This thing is the worst solution Microsoft could have come up with for a controller. Why don’t they just make a normal keyboard wireless like every other platform computer out there? This thing doesn’t have a ctrl button or a tab and their secondary button selects other functions when pressed making game-play for anything utilizing text impossible. All in all a complete waste of the time and gas to even see one let alone buy it. Recommendation: stay away and save those dollars for when microsoft comes out with a usably qwerty interface… its sure has been a long time coming guys.

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