Maybach Landaulet Costs $1.4 Million

For those of you not familiar with Maybach, it’s an extreme luxury car produced by Daimler/Mercedes that’s designed for the wealthiest of people. The latest model, the Landaulet, was announced last year and will now be available for order since the car is hand-built. At $1.4 million, you’ll discover that it’s one of the most expensive cars on the planet.

But the Landaulet has a feature that will blow any other vehicle out of the water. The back seats can enjoy a retractable hardtop roof allowing for the back of the car to remain a convertible while the front is protected from the elements. Truly a stunning feature. All the rest of the Maybach nonsense will be on hand, like the seats that recline and Grand Napa leather. If you save up enough Pepsi Points to buy one, let us know how it handles.


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