Matchbox Cellphone Concept


Take a look at some of Lv Zhongfang’s work and you’ll be able to see how much of an original the designer truly is. This Matchbox cellphone concept is one of the coolest design ideas we’ve seen yet, and if ever realized, could change the interface of cellphones as we know it. Not a clam shell or a linear modeled design, the keypad actually slides inside of the LCD screen panel, giving it the matchbox look.

The finished concept is really a magnificent product design which we hope to see be produced eventually. We imagine a phone like this selling well, especially with how small it would be. Who knows, maybe one day it’ll actually hold matches too! But yeah…probably not. More pics after the jump.



Andrew Dobrow


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  1. Great concept, but matches are so small, and a cellphone is so much bigger. it seems like a waste.

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