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Marlboro Transformers

What happens when two Marlboro boxes, two matchboxes and a box of condoms join together? They make one sweet decepticon that is more than meets the eye. YouTube user “Jimmyleekalimantan” has made this stop motion video as a tribute to Transformers. 32 seconds into the film the Marlboro boxes start to go at it; really. Link

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Matchbox Cellphone Concept

Take a look at some of Lv Zhongfang’s work and you’ll be able to see how much of an original the designer truly is. This Matchbox cellphone concept is one of the coolest design ideas we’ve seen yet, and if ever realized, could change the interface of cellphones as we know it. Not a clam shell or a linear modeled ...

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DIY: Matchbox Pinhole Camera

Here’s a nice way to make yourself a camera for almost no cost whatsoever. All you’ll need is a full and an empty roll of 35mm film, a matchbox, some black tape, and a bit of tin foil. The finished product leaves you with a camera capable of shooting pictures at f90, which mixed with some ISO100 film, should leave ...

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