Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy- Best Review

Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy might not be the best IP game out there, but its vibrant characters have indeed redefined the way we perceived the film to be. They have added much-needed spark and liveliness to the game. But we are still quite intrigued to fall into it and ride through the adventure.

Here are some key features of the game we are sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on. So, if you thought that getting no deposit casino bonus codes for existing players was the only best thing to date, well, you’ve got another game to count on. Here are the key points to pay attention to:

  • Single-Player Adventure

If you love to play games alone with no worries about competition, this game is yours to keep. The game is sure to make your cruise through its adventures like never before. So, stay put. 

  • Platforms

The game is available on an assortment of platforms for you to play it. You can always play the game on PC and Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X. So, you will never miss out on the fun if you do not have an Xbox. 

  • Release Date

The game is all set to appear on October 26, 2021. So, brace yourselves because the fun is only about to unravel itself. 

An Introduction to Blow You Away 

We all remember the exceptional cinematic experience that one drew out of watching Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy when it hit the box office. So, if you remember that, you are bound to fall in love with this video game right away. The characters have been well-recreated, and we love the way how they created that massive world of aliens without any hindrance. It also offers side-tickling humour that is bound to keep you entertained until the last minute. 

Although the Marvel Avengers game wasn’t a great success as it scored a low 4.9 out of 10, we think Square Enix might be able to convince us this time. It is also likely to change the perception of our last Marvel game and may make us rethink giving it another try. However, before we leave the ball rolling in your court, let us help you understand our first impressions of the same. 

  • The story is majorly based on the comics than the MCU. 
  • Characters are full of variety, charm, and enthusiasm. They are all bound to keep you entertained for a long time. 
  • It has no multiplayer option, which can be a put-off at times. 

We also noticed that Star-Lord does not resemble Chris Pratt at all. So, it is a bit disappointing for his fans to a certain extent. However, Rocket Racoon was well-curated and looks quite charming indeed with an impressive beard. 

Although certain bits and pieces of the characters are slightly disappointing, they are all exceptionally well-built overall. Gamora is also quite steely and cool. So, we have no reason to be sad about that. Rocket is also quite aggressive and sensitive. So, we have got the main parts kicking right. 

What Else Is Exciting Here?

If you loved staple jokes like “I am Groot,” there is good reason for you to enjoy this one. But the only concern for most fans would be that it has a different version than its MCU counterpart. Initially, when we sat down to plonk the three hours of the story, we realized that something felt off. This was because there were no soldiers to greet Peter Quill when he decided to visit Nova Corps. 

For starters, it seemed like the Nova Corps were involved in a civil war. However, it soon started to seem clear that there was something strange about it. There is also no sign of Thanos and the infinity stones, but you can be sure to switch to a refreshing new plot if you need something different from the property. 


  • The use of elemental guns that freeze opponents in a single space. 
  • Hover boots are essential to avoid any damage on battlefields. 
  • Star-Lord only can use his fists and iconic blasters during Combat. 

Although there wasn’t too much to enjoy, it was still a journey worth it with several types of equipment and darting arenas that allowed us to fight off countless enemies throughout the time. You also get to enjoy the dual blasters of Star-Lord. There is room for much other ammunition, but the only problem is that if you mistime the reload, it might make you vulnerable to several counter-attacks. So, you have to be a bit careful with that. 

What Else Should You Know?

Now, the problem with us playing the game was that we only had single ammunition unlocked. That is why the Combat got repetitive after around two hours of continuous playing. But we think that opening other special attacks will provide more clarity. However, the demo wasn’t entirely helpful for us. With that, it is also fair to say that the Combat wasn’t convenient. We died almost six times throughout the game, so it was pretty challenging to understand how to survive and keep going. But as you continue to play, you will get used to it. 

The battlefield also gives off the impression of chaos. There are numerous grenades, laser lights, and also blasts. All of them are pretty difficult to avoid. Also, you are required to master your hover boots. They will allow you to gather speed and dive between the legs of your opponents. 

Puzzles And Exploration 

  • Allows your crewmates to eliminate obstacles by commanding. 
  • Offers standard puzzles to provide variation in the game. 
  • Collectibles can be used to unlock several upgrades at a time. 

Although the game is more focused on Combat, it does offer a good amount of puzzles for you to enjoy. Every character is equipped enough to bypass hindrances. So, you are likely to have fun playing it. 


Overall, Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy is sure to take you to a whole new world of aliens that you cannot miss out on. So, why keep waiting? Please make sure you hop on to playing the game as soon as it is launched. See the difference for yourself. 

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